So you think you would like a Bouvier or "Dirty Beards" as they are sometimes affectionately called.

These dogs are not for everybody, do not think they are like any other working breed. Talk to any Bouvier owner and they will tell you that none can compare to this breed, their loyalty, once won, will spoil you forever.

Do your homework before investing in one of these creatures, for a "True Bouvier", one that has been bred for temperment and soundness will repay you ten times over. Don't rush in an buy the first cuddly pup you see, talk to other Bouvier owners, go to dog shows, ask questions, study the different lines of Bouviers, visit different kennels and beware of the "Back Yard" breeder. Kennels are built on their brood bitches, so pay particular attention to the females, don't just look at that impressive male.

There are many different aspects to consider when buying a puppy. Do you want "Show quality" or for breeding. If so then go for the best, yes you will pay more, but you will also get a lot more for your money. Listen to the breeder, they know their own lines. Remember sometimes a pup which looks super initially can "fall apart" between 6 months and a year, whereas sometimes that ugly duckling can really surprise you. Some lines take longer to mature than others which means that some pups can be shown as early as 6-7 months whilst it will take others longer to "get it all together". Have patience, wait until your puppy or young dog is ready for the show ring, you will have plenty of time to show him off.

On the other hand if all you want is a pet, obedience dog or watch dog, then you will expect to pay less than for a show quality specimen, which usually has a fault that the breeder does not want passed on. Expect also to spay or neuter your pet. Make sure the breeder of your choice gives a written guarantee, signed by both parties at time of purchase.

Consider ahead of time exactly what you expect from the Bouvier you are considering purchasing. Some lines have a sharper protective instinct than others, some lines are larger than others etc. Make sure you discuss all these aspects with the breeder of your choice before you purchase. Talk to other people if possible who have already purchased from that particular breeder, especially if you cannot visit the kennel yourself.

Don't discard the thought of buying a young adult, remember that Bouvier's are slow maturing dogs, taking up to four years to become completely mature. In some instances an older dog can prove to be much better than a young puppy, they are already house trained.

If you would like any additional information about Bouvier's or our Kennels practices and procedures please feel free to CONTACT US. Or, research the BREED STANDARD.

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