Welcome to Lanvern Kennels. Looking back over the years, my first thoughts are, “oh my goodness” where to begin!!!!!

Growing up in England we always had dogs around, my Mother bred English Cockers, my Grandmother had Shepherds and Greyhounds, she always kept a couple at the dog track as well as a couple of horses, so it was either off to watch the dogs race or the horses. Naturally there were always two or three Terriers running around, my most memorable being one I called “whiskers”, people used to come from miles around to borrow him to catch the mice and rats on their property.

The only time in my life I have been without dogs is when I lived in Germany for four years, but whilst driving back and forth between England and Germany I noticed these big hairy dogs which turned out to be Bouvier’s (of course)!!! and they stuck in my mind.

I moved to Canada in ’68 and later met Yves, who was most definitely not “into” dogs. We spent a few years of Condo living and then married in l980 and moved into a house in the Country in l981. I had a couple of Afghan’s at the time but wanted another dog around as Yves traveled a lot. This is when I remembered the Bouvier’s I had seen and set out to find one. Eventually we came across a “Breeder” and bought this ugly duckling male, complete with ears and tail , kept him for a year and then placed him in a good home. He must have had some Bouvier in him somewhere because his temperement won my heart. Yves then bought me “Bruno” who had to be neutered as he had bad hips but despite this he loved to cart and actually took part in the opening of the Ontario Royal Winter Fair one year. He lived to be almost nineteen years old.

In l984 I decided I wanted a “show” dog and “Lady” (AM/CAN CH. FEMME FATALE OF WILDERWOOD) came into my life, followed by “Kojak” (AM/CAN CH. CORTACHY’S KOJAK) who placed #2 Bouvier in Canada in l989.

I became sick with Meningitis followed by Lyme Disease around this time which meant the dogs and I had to take a back seat for a while.
Finally back on track we bred AM/CAN/BIS/BISS LANVERN’S DESERT STORM (Norman) #3 Bouv in ’94, followed by - AM/CAN BIS /FCI Jnr. LUX/P.RICO/MEX/’97 WORLD CH. (Ace) - #2 Bouv in ’96 and #3 in ’97

To date – AM/CAN/INT’L BPISS/BISS CH WWW.YUKON.DENALI.XL (Yukon) #2 Bouv. 2004 is following in their footseps.

We have bred many top winning dogs and bitches who have won Lanvern numerous awards including Pedigree Top Breeder in ’92 and Technical Breeder of the Year.

We are located in DeWinton Alberta, close to the Airport and Downtown Calgary.

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