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  Bond - April 19, 2018

Back to Back weekends
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Puppies from Bond available
  Vee - January 24, 2017


  ANGUS - April 4, 2013

i Fran and Yves,

It was an absolute pleasure meeting both of you and all the beautiful bouvs.
Our trip home went great! Angus and I snoozed in the back seat pretty much all the way. Our pit stops were all successful.
He came in the house when we got home and it didn't take him long to claim it as his.
We have the big crate in the bedroom, he went to problem and slept til 6:30. Went out and did his business.
Then play...OMG he is hillarious! He's been moving everything that is his to his big pillow in the front room, all his toys and my tea towel that was hanging on the oven.
He likes tv, if something catches his attention, he stops what he's doing to watch it!! So funny!
We are so happy! We love him to pieces.

Oh he's eating and drinking no problem.
Everything is just wonderful. We are really enjoying this little guy.
Today we went out to meet everybody. George has a son in long term care so we went there and met everyone. Then to Gary's , the guy that has the obedience classes and grooming. While we were there a guy came in with a big shaggy bouvier. Angus had no problem walking right up to that dog as if he recognized him. The dog was very friendly and after talking with the owner we think it's one if yours. We then went to meet the vet, she was so excited and said we made her day. we weighed him there he is 15lbs. He met the jack Russell across the alley and they were instant friends. We came home he got all his business done had his lunch and now is having a big snooze.
He's had many visitors come to visit and bring him toys. He grabs the toy and runs it to his bed.He loves looking at himself in the mirror. He's just pure joy!
He is doing great with the crate, sleeps til around 6:30 We have 2 accident free days!! Yay!
Definitely George's little buddy :)
I hope this little video works, I'll send you a few more pics!

Talk to you soon,
George, Molly and Angus
  "Bear" - October 10, 2012

Hi Fran
Bear's first snowfall.
  "Rudy" - October 9, 2012

Hi Fran,
Thought I'd send an update and picture. "Rudy" is doing great.Hard to believe that he has been with us for 4 weeks. Rudy now knows his "sit,down and stay" without having to coax with treat.
He has met all the family and can't get enough of the grandkids. He just got his second booster today and it went well and now weighs in at a whopping
20 pounds!! He has been left at home with our Bunny, without being kenneled, for 1/2 hour at a time and has done excellent!! No mistakes and no
damages such as chewing etc.We are sooo happy with him and couldn't have asked for a better pup. Oh, he also thinks that his water bowl is there for 2 purposes, to drink and to swim in LOL!
Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a Bouv!!

update Jan 6/13

Just wanted to thank you again for our pup. He is the BEST!!
  "Zaan" - October 6, 2012

I have an appointment for the 10th for Zaan’s second shots. He is such a strong, healthy guy and very smart. I just love him.
Zaan is doing really well and is growing like a weed. He loves the snow of which we got a lot in the last few days.

It has been quite a while since we got this much snow


  "Ares": - October 6, 2012

Hi Fran,

I can't believe Ares has only been here for just under 3 weeks. He has adjusted so well that it feels like he has always been here. Ares is growing so fast and he has a great sense of humour and very smart. I got the papers in the mail this week
Talk to you later. Have a great day.
hangin out with "Dad"


  "Bodhi" - September 27, 2012

Hi Fran,

Bodhi is AMAZING! We've been smiling for 48 hours :)
My brother came over with his 2 yr old daughter to say hi, we took him to Glemore Park and carried him along the bike path so he could hear and see a bunch of new things.

He's sleeping from 10:30 - 6:45 both nights. He cry's for 2 minutes and then completely stops. I've been wearing a t-shirt for two week and I put that in the kennel with him. No accidents in the house (knock on wood) and he's getting really comfortable ripping around the house and yard.

We're trying to get him to eat as much as possible and it's going pretty good.

Thanks again for this precious gift. We're extremely lucky to know you and Yves.

Well we made it through the first week! Bodhi is adjusting so well, he is such a character :)
It's nice to have his presents around, I really missed having a dog with us. He is eating more and more everyday, his favorite thing is turkey. He loves his treats and his toys but mostly he loves Jeff. He follows him around everywhere. We have taken him out and about everywhere we can, think he just tolerates it. He is so cute, it's hard for me to be at work. Thanks again for this bundle of joy! !

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!


  "Kevin" - September 22, 2012

Hi Fran
Wow what an amazing dog!When we arrived home Matt immediately took him to the back yard.He was quite shy but the two of them played and cuddled.As each of the kids arrived home we let them have some time to meet Kevin and he slowly worked his way over to lay in each of their laps.We took turns spending the afternoon and early evening with him outside getting him used to his new yard.He was pretty tired so we ate supper outside on the deck and he quietly slept on his blanket on the grass.After a nap he was very playful and he chased the kids around the yard.Matt took him for several walks around the yard to see everything that was there.We have had no accidents in the house so far but he really only spent the dark hours of the evening in the house.It was a busy night but he has completely won everyone over.oh and he slept very well ... us not so much as we kept listening to make sure he was Ok.We put him in his crate just before 10:30pm took less than 10 mins for him to settle with minimum fuss.We heard him rustle the crate at 2:00 so Matt checked him and he was laying down and very quickly went back to sleep didn't seem to want to go out.He slept until 6:00 without stirring so Matt got him and took him up for a pee and he went right away.He is now playing on his new puppy pillow with Brie, our 7 yr old.He is extremely playful this morning. :-)
Thank you Fran you have given us such an amazing gift with this little boy! ... right now sharing Kevin's time is taking some kid training.We will keep you posted on how each day goes.
Take care
Melissa and Matthew


This girl was on "Fire" at her second show where she finished her Can Ch.AT 10MTHS OLD

Fire is now an Am. Ch. after winning BW at the So. Cal Specialty giving her a 5pt major and a 4pt major the next day. She finished at the N. Cal Specialty with 2 4pt majors. All this at l6mth old.
  CH. LANVERN'S RED RIDING HOOD - August 11, 2012

Many thanks Corrie for doing a great job with "Scarlett" who now has a total of 6 points.

Scarlett got her Can Ch. in August 2013
  Ember - April 1, 2012

Hi Fran,

The first night with Ember was fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time to crate train her.

We went to bed at 10:30 and put her in the kennel. She cried for about 5 minutes before falling asleep. She woke up at 2:00am softly crying to let us know she had to pee. The moment we put her down outside she went. When we put her back in the kennel, she settled almost immediately. She even slept through Durzo barking at the coyotes!

We just love her. So much personality in such a tiny package. She's pretty fearless now and we can already see that she will be boss over Durzo in a short time.

Durzo's been adjusting well too. This morning he seemed happy to see her and he's getting more and more gentle with her.

Thanks again for letting us take home this little girl. We couldn't ask for a better fit.

Chris & Alena
  Poppy - April 1, 2012

Hi Fran and Yves!!!
Drive home was good. Poopy did some yelping and whining, but as soon as I put my hand back there, he nuzzled up and was quiet.
Got home and we hung out in the back yard all afternoon with Rob until 6. What a perfect day for it!! He follows me everywhere and when I am sitting, it is Rob he follows :)

He immidiatley took to Rob, it was so sweet:) followed him into the garage, and had to be everywere he was.

I went and got the correct food! And Poppy ate supper at 6:30.....back and forth nibbling for about a half hour. He is laying in the grass in the back yard right now....sleeping:)

He peed in the dog run, almost immidiatley, and has done so twice now.....yet to poo, so waiting for that, which I am sure will come soon !!!

He has inspected the main floor of the house.....and our cat come down to see what was happening....well, Boo Kitty ran back upstairs as soon as he saw the new guy.....So Poppy never really even had a chance to see him! LOL.
I have boiled his knuckle.....Its cooling off. So he will be right chuffed when he gets that to chew on!!

Attached are a few pics from this afternoon :)

Thank you so much :) He is everything I dreamed and more. That face, those eyes....he is amazing :)

  Bisous - April 1, 2012

Good Morning: thought you may appreciate hearing how little "Beez" fared - her first day with us!
Little thing is a wonderful wee pup! She hasn't eaten a lot..but enough for us not to worry.
We walked her around outside our house many times and played her right out.
Beez slept the entire night...about one minute of wimpering only!
We are truly appreciating your experience as Bisous seems a very confident, affectionate and alert little puppy!
As you said Yves....she is an "up" dog. She listens well too. She responds to clapping hands+whistles....I wonder if that's what you did?
So, first full day is underway......we will be outside walking...Bisous loves being outside......
Thank you for instructions, guidance, bones (already boiled up with vegg+chicken) -plus the gorgoeus Bouvier pin! I think I just may have that put on my charm bracelet!
Another puppy to leave for their home today.....bittersweet for you both I would imagagine.
All the best and Happy Easter!
Kudo's to Nano!
-nancy cook
  Quintus - April 1, 2012

Good morning, Fran!

Thank you for everything. Quintus has very quickly adjusted to his new environs and he seems to have learned his name already. (Altho that could just be me reading things into his behaviour)

We are extremely happy with him and you and Yves were exceptional to deal with.
We will keep you appraised on his development and send pictures

I had to meet a gentleman yesterday to pick up some scuba stuff and I took Quintus with me. Other than wanting to get into my lap he was fine in the truck.

Take care and thanks again


Rob and family

  LANVERN'S ROMANCE MOI (Stella) - October 1, 2011



"Stella" took 2 BPIG wins - we are so proud!!!!

Bred by Exhibitor class -

Alberta Bouvier Booster - BW and new Ch.

  LANVERN'S RUFF RIDER (Rider) - July 18, 2011

"Rider" is pictured at almost 5 mths old.
What an amazing boy he is at his first show at 7mths old he won BB, BPIB for two days picking up 5pts. Let's see what he has in store at his next show
At his second show from the 6-9 class he won BW, BPIB and BB, BPIB (his third breed win )and now has 9 pts.... one to go!!!!

His third show - Rider finished his Ch. from the 9-12 class with 2BB, one BOS + Grp lst Puppy. Congrats to Jason and Amanda.
  'KIKI" - May 24, 2011

Hi Fran –
Kiki is great. So beautiful and a lovely disposition. Very happy and has no fear. She made it through the trip with no problems – we let her out on a lawn at the airport and then put her back in the crate for the drive home – no problems. We followed your directions re introducing her to Chica – took her into Chica’s yard and did the same thing when we let her into the house. Chica was fine – but seems a bit …. Aloof? Mainly when Kiki charges up to her she turns around and walks away. We made sure to shower Chica with attention too. I think she’ll get used to Kiki in a few days. In the meantime, she is being very -- tolerant. But Kiki sure has a ton of personality. Slept through the night in her crate with no complaints. We’ll keep you posted.

Cheers, Peter

  'Lex' - May 24, 2011

Hi Fran and Ives,

Lex is doing very well. He met all our family and I believe it was somewhat overwhelming for the little guy.
He drinks a lot of water and plays. He does sleep a lot and chews away on us alot. He is an adorable fellow. You do not have to learn him how to do steps because he just runs up and down like he done it all his life.

  'ROSCOE' - May 24, 2011

Hi Fran
We had a great trip home! Roscoe travelled so well in the vehicle with us, and is already responding to his name. We stopped for the night in Swift Current and did the remainder of the trip on Sunday. We are so pleased with him already!!!! We couldn't be happier, what a great addition to our family. He's not eating great yet, but I suspect within the next day or two we will see a difference. So many new things for him to adjust to.
Thank you again!

Hi Fran, I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to have Roscoe around. He is a perfect dog for our family. We have had so many compliments not only about his appearance but more importantly about how good natured he is. You can certainly tell he is a puppy, but he is so good around people, and the kids that he is around absolutely love him. We knew from our last Bouvier that they were an intelligent breed, and he has not let us down. Thank you Michele Grant
  LANVERN'S REGULUS - May 24, 2011

Hi Fran
The trip went very well. Sirius never threw up or even made a sound to be quite honest. He spend most of the trip in his kennel, but we moved him up a couple of times. He is adjusting well to his new. It is taking some time for him to learn how to use stairs, and quite entertaining for the rest of us. Our Bouvier is less than impressed, but she will come around. Sirius is busy being a pup, but everyone is thrilled with him. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.



Hi Fran&Yves,

The trip home was very good. Boots sat on my lap & then slept in the backseat! We thank you so much for letting us have this precious little life to love. He is already the love of our lives! He slept well in the crate last nite. Hopefully again tonite. He is full of energy & mischief. He'll keep us very busy.All is well today but will e-mail or call for advice when needed. Our sincere thanks.

Hi Fran,

Thought you might like another update on Marlowe. On his second night here he only woke us once and by night 3 he slept through the night. Wish babies slept that well! He is becoming so playful and loves the boys. He recognizes them as playmates much more so than Sean and I – maybe because they are much smaller and closer to his size. He only had one accident in the house, right at my feet. Managed a sharp no, scooped him up and went outside where he finished his business. We have baby gates up to block in our kitchen which has become his den outside of his kennel in our bedroom. We all love playing in the backyard and the weather has been so nice we have spent most of our days out there. Marlowe had a long nap on the deck yesterday afternoon.

We took him in to see Mark yesterday and yes, he is excellent.

Thanks again for our beautiful boy. He is a delight to us.
Niki and Sean

  LANVERN'S RIO GABBANA - May 24, 2011

Hello Fran and Yves,

I cannot believe that Rio has been with us for 1 1/2 weeks already but at the same time I feel that we have been together forever! She is fitting into the Jones' household perfectly. Rio is a real "social puppy" loving everyone (animals, people) that she meets even though some of the family's animals are not that crazy about her cuteness and her ability to steal all the attention from us...
She is eating well and her days are so full and busy that she actually "asks" to go to bed early at night and she sleeps all the way through to the morning. Owen spent the whole first week at home playing with her so she has already become a "daddy's girl". She knows that she has him twisted around her little paw and often uses her "aren't I adorable" look in her eye.
She is already sitting when asked or when offered the odd treat from Nana. She has been fantastic with the potty-training and the couple of accidents were more our fault than hers.
She is beginning to "woo woo" especially when she wants her meals. All in all she is the MOST perfect addition to our family. We absolutely adore her, even when we complains when she "thinks" she is being left all alone.
Thank you so very much for allowing us to have this very special little girl!
All the best,
Wendy and Owen



FROM THE l2 - l8 mth class Marcus took BP in sweeps and WM for 3pts.

The next day he went BW and BOS for 5pts - This was his second show!!!!

Congrats to his owner Carole Walker and her new Champ - "Marcus".
  "Finnegan" and "Roxy" - October 4, 2010

Dear Fran and Yves,

We are so happy with our Finnegan! He has been a joy from the moment we brought him home. His temperament is fantastic, he loves everybody he meets, children and adults alike. He's been with us for only 3 weeks, but already we can't imagine our lives without him. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs! Hope you can make it up here for a visit...Finnegan would love to show you around his new home!
We'll forward more photos as he grows!


Shannon and Dana Woodworth

LANVERN'S ROXY ROLLER has now joined "Finn"
Here is a photograph of Finnegan and Roxy. Shannon and I can't thank you enough for breeding and placing such incredible companions. We feel very lucky to have two Lanvern Bouviers.

Your selection of Roxy was perfect. She has already asserted her presence. Despite the 80 lb weight difference Finnegan doesn't have a chance.

  Lanvern's Quidi Vidi Dame Ember - "Ember" - August 31, 2010

Hello Fran and Yves,
just a little update to let you folk know all is going great with Ember. She has taken nicely to our home, in fact, it's like she has always been here. She is absolutely gorgeous and most people are completely smitten with her.

We had her to our vet today for her initial appointment, and he is truly impressed with her and has given her a clean bill of health.

Ember is the dearest little girly! Thanks so much for the advice on Saturday- she loves her crate and since she has slept well she is so full of energy! It is funny to try to take photos of her since she seems to not like the camera. I feel like a sneaky paparazzi type! Hope you like these photos. You have done such a lovely job with helping add to our family.

The first thing you need to know is that Ember is the most delightful, goofy, sweet, head strong, pretty beyond words, playful and completely loveable pet we could have even remotely hoped we could have in our family. What we are so grateful for but almost can barely comprehend is how you ever managed to let her go.Thank you so much. We know we are fully biased and smitten yet we know Ember to be the best puppy ever. She has grown so much and when she seems to randomly stand at a pose she is so striking and strong looking that she takes our breath away. Ember is so protective of her family and her joy when we walk in a room can bring the happiest moments to us. She particularly loves to start to play with us and with her puppy friends. It is so funny to see her seeming to be asleep and not paying attention then see her leaping and playing and Talking to us in her own very verbal Ember way. When she tips her head and looks at us as if we are somewhat nutty she is so funny. Ember brings joy. She does not like the camera, loves looking out the front window, adores "blondie" and "blue" and my khaki Crocs, gets very happy when we go for a car ride and has figured out how to outrun all of us as we attempt to play in the backyard. What really gets to all of us is how sad she acts and "speaks' when someone leaves the room- especially Ian. Ember is grudgingly accepting of the daily brushing/combing and is so soft. It is funny when people assume she is an adult dog and express such surprise when we say she is going to be just a bit bigger. She loves Kate's shiny earrings and anybody's bare toes. Anyway it is late here and I could keep on going so I will give you a better update in a few days. I just want you to know that Ember is all we could have even vaguely hoped for and is well loved.
Hi Fran and Yves-
just a quick note for now to send our best to you both, especially with the arrival of the puppies! Our Ember is precious, funny, and, as the photo shows, pretty laid back. She is soooo beautiful- in looks but also in personality and heart. Thank you for our "baby", who may just be a little spoiled! With the new puppies we were talking about how other people will be blessed by the care and thought you put into raising your pups and their parents. All the best from the far east!

Jackie and the crowd
  CH Lanvern's Power Play RN , HCT, NC, AC,CGN - May 27, 2010

"Marcus" is now in his new home with his new owner Carole Walker and has Shelties to play with - he will strut his stuff in the show ring when he gets a big boy - good luck with him!!!!
We are so proud of "Marcus" who picked up 4 points at his first show - his "Mom" Carole piloted him around the ring - keep it up guys!!!!
Marcus has now added HIC to his accomplishments.
Hi everyone
I have a little brag for my Marcus. We attended the North American
Working Bouvier Association 2012 Championship on the 5th and 6th of
October in Surrey. My boy earned his AHBA HCT (Herding Capability Test)
under herding judges, Nancy Ward and Ron Fischer. I did all the
handling. Later in the day I entered him in the French Character Test
under judge Karin Caporal from France. He passed with flying colours so to speak and will get a French title. I was totally amazed, almost
dragged off my feet in the process and my heart just swelled with pride.

And then the next day, he came 2nd in the Novice Carting (NC-NAWBA),
followed with another 2nd in the Advanced Carting (AC-NAWBA). I am over the moon as they say.

He truly is one fantastic dog and I got so many compliments from the Breeders at the event.
  Can Ch. Lanvern's I'm a Phantom Spirit - (Electra) - February 8, 2010

"Electra" received her Can. Ch. in 2009 and now only needs one major to complete her Am. Ch. - Congratulations to Sharon Aceto of Bouvace Bouviers.
Electra finished her AM CH. in great style with a 5pt major.

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